How do you pay for your ride?

There are several payment options for the Campus Commute service.  If you need a reservation, you can make a reservation through this website for just $11.50 each way.  You may also purchase a One Way ride voucher at the Jag Tag office at IUPUI.  If saving money is your priority, one way vouchers may be purchased on this site, or on the bus.  For those who will use the service regularly, the most affordable way to use the service is to purchase the Commuter Card online or on the bus(ten rides for the price of 7).  For a list of all purchase options, click here.

Commuter Card:

Save $3 each time you ride by buying a Commuter Card good for ten rides.  The Commuter Card can be purchased online, or on the bus using our convenient payment kiosk.  Select ONE card to purchase a quantity of TEN rides!  Notice:  The Commuter Card is NOT eligible for reimbursement by IU Travel Management.

If you buy online don't forget to print!

All online purchases must be printed out in order to be accepted by the driver.